Am I a huge nerd? What is it about stuff with cats on it--scratch that (har har): things that look like cats. Whenever Im starting to believe my taste is anywhere near sophisticated, I see some bullshit cat-themed accessory and it all goes out the window. Take my adorable san-x iphone case, for example:

I know. But I cant help it! Cats are cute! Preferably the Japanese kind. But you know what? A kitty theme can be sophisticated, if you do it right... specifically, by keeping it to one accessory per outfit. Thats the real key, I believe: kooky themes are best when isolated in the accessories arena of your sartorial world, and preferably done in monochrome. All in black, this black felt cat-ear beret is at once understated and adorable:

Or if, like me, you cant afford Eugina Kims $231 price tag, how about this strikingly similar Pochi coin purse?

I know, it isnt quite the same. And Im trying to decide if that beret could be recreated, DIY style, by yours truly, and not look completely ridiculous. I havent worn a beret since the 4th grade, but Id be willing to give it another shot. Thoughts?

images via herehere & here

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