Happy Boxing Day!

Christmas with a baby toddler is so fun, you guys! Felix had the best time ever and got SO many presents. Like, a ridiculous number of presents. But he loved every single one of them! And we had such a lovely time. Only today were feeling a little weary...

We better get in gear after nap time, though, since its snowing quite a bit. It seems a shame to waste such weather, especially when you have a baby child around; you feel obligated to do your parental duty and show them a proper winter wonder fun time. But also, its cold out there!

Is it snowing where you are? Did you have a jolly christmas? I hope you did! One of the highlights for me (from a linguistic if not religie standpoint) was when Felix came home from christmas eve mass with his yia yia and said 'peace,' and then proceeded to tell me, 'good news, baby jeez is borned.'

Can you imagine anything sweeter?!

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