venus iphone power!

I think Ive realized exactly why I like my iphone case so much... having a little cat-shaped robot who can tell me all about everything I want to know and who keeps me organized makes me feel a little like Sailor Moon Venus walking around a fictional, water-color-y downtown Tokyo with her magical little know-it-all cat companion. Minus the flowing golden hair, of course... though I am on the lookout for a bow barrette, if you happen to see any. Obviously, neither Luna nor Artemis were robots, but its the closest Ill ever get--unless I, too am a missing interplanetary princess waiting to discover her true identity in the past of an alternate universe. But what are the chances of that?! Sigh. 

Also, please disregard the dirtiness of this mirror I swear its not my fault and Im working on it...

If you want your iphone to look like a sailor-moon accessory but dont care for cats--or relate more on a personal level to Sailor Mercury, say, or Mars (neither of whom have pets, as Im sure you were already aware) then how about one of these most ridiculous iPhone cases. You know, if you want to. 

I swear Im not iphone-obsessed, you guys. I dont even like mine all that much when it isnt in costume. I just dont know know whats come over me of late. Also, its good to know theres a wikimoon out there, right?

top and bottom images via here & here, respectively. 

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