a delicate balance

wowwowwow how perfectly beautiful is Karlie Kloss in this most magical editorial, styled by Sarah Moonves and photographed by Ryan McGinley, for the travel issue of T Magazine? And how about that Balenciaga tunic in that Birth of Venus shot? Karlie is perhaps a little leggier than your typical Botticelli Chick but I think shes nailing it. I love how seamlessly she moves from mermaid to mowgli to farmers wife in this story--I guess it takes all kinds to populate the tropical, coastal setting that is fantastical Nicaragua. How badly this makes me want to go on a sweeping south american adventure, I cannot say. But Id probably settle for that tunic, for now! You can read Julia Felsenthals accompanying article here. Or you can do what I did and just flip through the slide show a few dozen times. 

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