for the housewife

perhaps a little cliche, but certainly useful, West elm has sweet and simple aprons, like this one, each for $24 or less. But if she likes her kitchenwear a little fancier (ie, rufflier) check out the selection at anthropologie. You can also find cute ones on Etsy, in any style you can imagine, and usually for a lot less!  

I am obsessed with this 'homemade' cookie stamp by Suck UK. What more can I say? For about $12 each on amazon, you can also get them in 'Eat Me' and 'I Love You'... but this one is obviously the best. 

The selection of dishtowels and kitchen linens at Huset is crazy. In particular, I like this $28 Tea Towel & Dishcloth Bundle by Jonna Saarinen, as its bright, graphic and nautical--all qualities I look for in kitchen accessories. And tied up so nice and gift-ily, too!

Recipe cards are adorably nostalgic, yet remain useful in the modern age--because I dont know about you, but I get nervous looking at recipes on the ipad when my hands are covered in flour and liquids are splashing everywhere. This set of handmade letterpress cards, 10 for $15 from Paper Lovely Letterpress, are simple, sophisticated and sweet--I love that little whisk! 

At $24.95, this large sustainably-harvested solid acacia wood oar server is a steal--she'll think you spent way more than you did. Its the perfect thing for serving just about anything, and will be so useful whenever she has guests over. Or just feels like eating a selection of fine cheeses, all by herself. Whichever!

And speaking of useful wooden kitchen accessories, how sweet and clever is this Hanging Around cooking set by muuto? At $45, its a little pricey for two wooden spoons... but think of all the time she'll save cleaning saucy messes off of her counter/stove top! Alternatively, this pot clip is a more affordable (if slightly less chic) option, and makes a great stocking stuffer, too!

But it doesnt all have to be so utilitarian. Consider a set of these sweet little handmade japanese ceramic Snow & Pearl cups, $14 each at Lief. So lovely and iridescent and special!

These glycerin-based, extract-infused soap rocks are so pretty--and big! Right? For $20, theyre an unexpected twist on a traditional (and traditionally boring) hostess gift, and would look beautiful in any bathroom, or at the kitchen sink where everyone could see them. 

I usually hesitate to gift decorative items, unless youre so sure of the recipients style... but these wooden ombre vases ($29-$99 at West Elm) are so beautifully classic--and ive been in love with them for over a year. They could go rustic, they could go modern; I truly cant imagine a setting in which they wouldnt work.

In case she doesnt already know, this will help--for $12.75 (plus free shipping!) on amazon.

tomorrow: gifts for the mermaid

ps: some housewife pinsipiration 

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