ps: did you notice my new gloves?

I got them at target for $3.00 right before christmas--think how much they might cost now! Theyre just those ordinary knit gloves you can buy at supermarkets and drugstores during the winter--only the fingertips you use on a phone are touch-screen capable, which is all you need. Not that Im on my phone that much anyway, you guys... I bought them more for aesthetic reasons, honestly. I think they have them in purple as well but the combination of grey marl and red so bright its almost pink is so lumberjacks underwear and perfect for winter. I never can get on board with purple, anyway.

While youre at it, you might notice my new leather tassel keychain which I made myself! Its true! It cost me less than five dollars (1 piece of leather for $3.50 at hobbylobby + 1 keychain at the local lumber yard for $0.85 + some hot glue) and was so easy to make! If youre interested, you can follow this tutorial I found on pinterest. It truly was so easy!

ps: speaking of knit gloves and DIY tutorials, how sweet (and so so easy) is this idea for embroidered knuckle-tattoo gloves? I realize its a little late for christmas this year but you can keep it in mind as a last-minute gift idea for next year, if you have the wherewithal. 

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