Perfect 90s

A print of this photo of Patti Sylvia is hanging up on the wall in the ladies bathroom at Snapshots (the closest thing we have to a Local these days) and Im obsessed with it! Technically, the famous Pamela Hanson took this shot in 1987. But, doesnt it look so 90s? The hair, that Nick-Lachey-looking shirtless boy, the grainy black and white... and most of all, that dress! I personally have a dress shaped exactly like that one only, instead of a dreamy, painterly floral, its in leopard print... which I guess is  a sign of the times. And I like leopard print, dont get me wrong. But it will never as perfectly romantic as that. This photo makes me want to own a vanity and a balcony and lounge around smoking cigarettes and primping all day. Only, without the cigarettes... I dont know why I said that!

image via here

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