two friendly tips!

 My friend Brittany is lots of things, but one thing she is for sure, is canny. I picked up two quick tips from her lately, and Im going to tell them to you now!

Tip number one: use your boyfriends beard trimmer to remove pills and fluff from your sweaters. Of course! It makes so much sense! My mother in law has a little sweater-pill-robot dingy that you can use to remove them, but I think I was too aggressive, because it put a little hole in one of my sweaters! So you have to be careful. But, this is a good idea, and she says it works very well. 

Tip number two: use baking soda as exfoliant. So I tried this the other day, and its actually the best thing. I usually dont deviate from my standard skincare routine, especially to add new products. But baking soda is so pure and straightforward, its not really a product as such. You just add water and make a little paste. Its easy! And after you try it, theres no going back. At least, not for me. I used a regular, over-the-counter scrub this morning, and it was like washing my face with rocks and shards of glass. Completely horrible. Dont do it! 

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