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This, the J.Crew March Style Guide, is the perfect argument in favor of wearing all blue, just blue, all the time. All of this stuff is perfect! My favorite thing of all is that quilted floral jacket; I would wear that forever and ever, especially with that little dotty chambray shirt underneath. And the matchstick jeans are also, the perfect thing--oh how I love a Liberty Floral! And what about that silky blouse with the white pipped trim? And the stripe-on-stripe! And the golden pumps! So often blue is paired with silver but I find it looks so much more dynamic and majestic with gold. I kind of hate that J.Crew thinks they can tell us what to wear but also, they always get it right! Fuck those guys!

PS, thanks to all this talk of blue, I cant get this song out of my head. What a welcome blast from the past (for me anyway? I think Chase feels differently)

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