bee-bopping & copy-catting

Remember these jars, designed by Ben Fleiss? They were yet another item on the long list of stuff I see on the internet that, chances are, I will never own. I like how they look so so much, but I must say I never really considered the practical application of those bright rubber-bands. Until, one day, quite by happenstance, I found I had recreated approximated this exact (sort of) thing in my own kitchen, with a speckley stone cylinder (vase? canister?) that I bought at a goodwill, and the leftover rubber-bands from the lettuce and cabbage Id got at the supermarket--which, to my delight, serve a perfectly useful purpose, as you can see:

Now weve got all our spatulas, sharpies, thermometers, and whiskettes conveniently grouped, range-side. Its the perfect thing! I only wish Id bought the other, blue speckly cannister I saw at the red-white-and-blue thrift last week, so I could make another one, maybe for art supplies (though lil caddy has sort of eclipsed my need for that sort of thing for pens and such) and that My kitchen wasnt so dingy. Do you see what I was talking about? Its even worse in real life!

top image via LEIF

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