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Ive been thinking about this and Ive realised that, more than just a pink-ish kitchen, what I really need is a Beatrix Potter kitchen. With printed tea towels and gingham curtains and floral china tea cups and a black woodstove--something compatible with the already sepia-toned situation we have, architecturally (though as a renter, I cant do much about the wood stove). When decorating in real life, you have to think about the space you have. I always think the very best thing would be an all-white kitchen, with wood and copper and blue glass and green plants. But my kitchen isnt clean or modern or large; its linoleum floor is slanting, the fridge is just sitting there in the middle of the room, and as a whole, it isnt particularly well-made. I could never achieve what I wanted there, not matter what. If I went for all white it would just look dingy and horrible. So I think the only thing to do is fill it with as much color as possible, with as many mixed prints as possible, since Im not sure if were allowed to paint even. But I think we are? I want to! Or wallpaper. Call me old fashioned but I love a floral wallpaper. For example, Ive really been admiring the strange floral wallpaper in the shared apt of Noel and Alana in Felicty: Season Two. And then I just watched an episode where they all agree its too ugly to suffer for even the remaining three months of their lease, so they have a party to tear it down. Are they crazy?

Do you know what I would do for that wallpaper? People dont know the magic of mixed prints--theyre not just for your wardrobe, you know. Those guys are all idiots!

images via here & here; screen shots of Felicity, Season 2 Episode 14 taken by me, dummy!

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