tea, for me!

Call me crazy and/or old fashioned, but your china says a lot to your guests. And right now, I dont even have any... in a move revealing a total lack of clairvoyance, I had my own tea set mailed to myself when we moved to England; little did I know wed be back stateside within the year... And now here I am, settling in to my first real adult home in the history of my life, the first time having a full tea service would be completely appropriate, and I dont have it! Is that irony? Or just annoying? It didnt even really bother me that much except that while making my tea the other morning, my only mug--this weird, graph-paper christmas tree mug that my mother in law very kindly gave me when we moved--cracked purely in half. Its like, come on upinhere! Anyway, that expedited the issue, and since then Ive found myself doing quite a bit of window shopping about it. Being that Im clearly, and for no good reason, a little valentines-obsessed lately, this heart-print Nina Campbell set naturally caught my eye.

Its so sweet and sort of seventies and just the thing for everyday use (and how about these matching heart aprons?!) Typical that these are only available--in blue or pink--in the UK. In fact, Ill let you in on a little secret: if youre in the market for adorably-printed, tea-specific china, England is the place to look, not Pittsburgh. It seems so obvious now.  

Also, just look at those egg cups!

Ah, le sigh. 

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