Burberry ♥s

See you guys? Its not just me, and its not just February. Theres plenty of pink, red-and-pink, and red-on-red in the fall ready-to-wear lines. The most valentines-y of them all is the always romantic Burberry Prorsum, whose collection not only featured burgundies, reds, and blush tones, but also incorporated actual, literal hearts as a motif: 

Though I support them conceptually, I dont particularly care for the white-on-red pieces... but I love how the black looks on tan, especially in that most lovely mac. Fashion seasons are funny because, when the collections debut they have to feel right, right now--but theyre shown half a year before their prescribed season, and designed, presumably, well before that. Its hard to imagine what state of mind the designers are in, seasonally, at any given moment; what they like now becomes whats popular in six months, but they probably imagined the collection a full calendar year(?) before the shows. And Ill never wrap my head around how these design houses come out with I guess theyre used to it though, and its how these sweet little hearts can feel so perfect for the moment. But will we all feel like valentimes come September? Its hard to say right now but at the moment I can tell you, yes I will. 

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