twisted sisters

Oh yes. I am way in to this new JW Anderson collection for Topshop, as represented by their cool new lookbook, Twisted Sister, out today! I love it! Ooh I cant wait til my hair is so so long again. I dont know particularly why the image of sisters, sometimes but not necessarily twins, one with dark hair and one with light, is so compelling to me but I love the idea of it--so Brothers Grimm. Snow White and Rose Red, you know? Thats always been one of my favorites. Take those two sisters and turn them into a pair of grungey Wednesday-Adams-looking school girls, and its pretty much perfect.

 While novelty intarsia jumpers are already starting to feel ever so slightly played out, no one does them better than JW (remember that bat one?) and I feel like this dodo version could maybe just rekindle my interest. Most of all, Im coveting the black denim pieces (the trim blazer, oversized belted shorts, and pleated dress especially), though I dont quite agree with Jdubbs about the alleged chicness of the argyle twin set--this is obviously age-specific, but argyle still reminds me a little too freshly of my middleschool days, and not in a good way, though I can see how someone could like this. I much prefer the more of-the-minute lilac combination of cropped neoprene shell and frill skirt; imagine it with a ankle socks and a pair of those ridiculous platforms--which for some reason arent available for purchase on the site? Maybe theyre sold out already... england is at least five hours ahead.

images via topshop  

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