babealert: FELICITY (season one, so far...)


Ok so its February, its cold, I dont have a job, and we just moved someplace totally new where I dont know anyone yet. Im not trying to make excuses for why Ive been watching netflix re-runs of Felicity, season one, Im just explaining why the conditions are ripe for it. And if any of you have seen the show before, you know how genuine and heartfelt it is. Seriously. Especially compared to its fellow WB drama contemporaries (Dawsons Creek, anyone?) the experience Felicity portrays is one of the most authentic: dorky, naieve (but beautiful!) freshman in college with plenty of book smarts but not a lot of personal life experience, living in the dorms away from home for the first time, making blunder after embarrassing blunder, as she tries to adjust to the craze of NYC. Linda Serijan really hit the nail on the head in terms of costume, which, as in any cinematic production, goes a long way to authenticate the characters. I knew girls that dressed just like Felicity in high school: practical chinos, thick, L.L.Bean sweaters, cardigans, and various other knitwear, all in a tawny rainbow of khaki neutrals. 

It all suggests a sort of lack of awareness concerning wardrobe--or at least a preoccupation with practicality--which is perfectly consistent with Felicitys character. Especially in this Day and Street-Style Age, when so much of what you see worn seems so deliberate, its refreshing to imagine someone just, putting some clothes on--especially in such a thoroughly 90s way. Especially her Dean & Deluca uniform!

Those turtlenecks! That leather backpack! I dont mean to go on and on about this of course... But what Ive realized is that a certain level of confidence, in at least ones image, if not ones self, is implied by this practically-minded method of dressing. Why wear the makeup, hair clips, and weird asian-character-printed tee shirts typically worn by Felicitys BFF Julie if youre not worried about how you look and what people think of you? By putting on some old mom sweater and a pair of jeans, Felicity is saying, without consciously saying, that she takes for granted that her look is passable, acceptable, appropriate. And of course, she can pull it off... what a beauty that Felicity is! Shes the chief inspiration in my quest to, once again, become a barista. And what I wouldnt do for that hair! 

screen shots of felicity season one all taken by, ahem, me...

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