hey, cool loungewear

While we re shopping online lookbooks, let me tell you about this other one I like, Glossed & Founds Loungewear editorial, Girls Just Wana Have Fun, by Timothy Musho, A. Graham Kostic, and Helen Berkum. Hate the title (played out) but I love these images! Like a preppier, slightly more polished take on a wildfox look, but still pretty silly and casual. I want those polkadot print shorts the most! Its nice to see that so much of this gear is from topshop and the gap--it makes you think all this is probably fairly affordable, which I believe loungewear should be; when I spend a lot of money on something, its either because I need it to be durable, or I want people to be able to see it! You know? It makes me wish Id already met my future pittsburgh bff and that we had time to hang out in pajamas together and do weird spa days in hotels and junk. One day, maybe! I saw this cool girl interviewing at work recently... maybe shes my friend-to-be and doesnt even know it yet! I hope shes into it!

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