meet lil' caddy!

The other day, after lunch at Spak Bros, of course, Felix and I went across the street to this little antique/junk shop that I keep seeing but which never seems to be open. But it was this time, and it was great! I got a bunch of cool stuff, like some velvet throw pillows, a ceramic souffle dish with a chicken for a lid, a metal serving tray (also with chickens on it), and even a cool book about piggies for felix (one of his favorite subject matters?) But the best, coolest thing I got was this leather dog desk organizer:

Turns out, its made by Vacavaliente, an Argentinian design team that makes cool office accessories with  scraps left over from the the countrys enormous leather industry. The black doggy amigo I found in perfect, seemingly un-used condition, was $3 only! But I wasnt surprised to find that in real life they sell for around $60 each. You guys, I love it! Its so useful and cute and sweet and eco-friendly, all at the same time. Its the perfect thing! If you can afford one, you should get one (Id have gone with the Kangaroo if I had the choice). Or just keep your eyes peeled round the goodwill, I guess!

ps:  theyd make a great gift, right?

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