its a valentines day miracle!

Sure I got chocolate and roses, and even a brand new subscription to Vogue, which will save me literally dollars a year off the newsstand price. But the best belated valentines day present of all are the two fluffy funny kittens we are getting tomorrow! Actually, theyre not kittens, theyre full-grown cats... but they are fluffy and, from what I understand, funny. And Im so excited! We are just fostering them temporarily for a friend of a friend who moved recently, so Ill try not to get too attached, but all this time Ive been unpacking and settling and decorating, Ive known that something was missing, beyond not enough wall art and a lack of proper lighting. Sometimes Ill look over at our easy chair and think, a cat belongs there. You know?

They are coming over tomorrow you guys! And I dont even know their names yet! 

This is the best!

painting by Dr Vogelmeisje via here

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