The Bakery Girl of Shadyside

I have a job now, again, you guys! Working at a bakery! Unfortunately, its not actually baking in a bakery, but instead selling pastries (and eventually, from what I understand, managing the selling of the pastries.) But you know what? I dont even care that Im not actually baking there. Firstly, because if I was baking there, Id have to work in the middle of the night, which is something Ive done before and, while I didnt hate it--I even enjoyed those early mornings, in a weird sort of way--I certainly dont recommend it  in winter time. And secondly, because I like just being around pastry, seeing it and thinking about it, whether or not I helped produce it. You know what I mean? There are few things in the world I find so purely delightful. Of all the foods, pastry is by far the most aesthetically appealing, and the only one I know of that is regularly adorable. Plus, cakes are yummy!


But to ease whatever reservations I had about taking what is, at base, a cashiers position, for which I believe myself to be over qualified, Ive been thinking back to this film. I recently rewatched a few weeks ago--about ten times, actually, before returning to the Library. Once again, I highly reccommend it! And I really do wish I had those movies! 

Arent bakeries so romantic? 

images via here & here--I wish I knew who did the drawing, because I love it, but I dont!

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