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How perfect is this look, from a Jenni Kayne show a few years back I think? The shiny shiny hair, the neat, nude nails, and obviously, those lips! Having acquired the perfect shade of valentine fuchsia in cyclamen form at Trader Joes this morning, I started doing a little window shopping, with the aim of finding it more accurately in  a lipstick. I dont know why I love buying bright lipsticks, because I absolutely never wear them. Only, its one of my new years/Feburary resolutions to change that! I forgot to tell you that one! And for obvious reasons, this look is serving as my main motivation in that regard. Anyway, for the time being Ill be making just two lipsticks work with my entire wardrobe, at home alone all day with felix, can you imagine? But if it made sense to buy more, and I knew I would wear them, and I could afford it, here are the top three on my list:

Funny FaceL'Exuberant, & Anime

Even those names are cute and fun, amirite? omg. And actually, theyre not that expensive... But as far as that perfect, perfectly nude nail polish seen above, Ive got an inside track on one that is not only spot-on, but probably the cheapest one you will ever find: Wet'n'Wild Mega Last Nail Varnish in Private Viewing. Thats right, you heard me, Wet'n'Wild! Now, obviously, the perfectness of nude nail polish is largely skin-tone-contingent. But if you look anything like me, and maybe even if you dont, you should give this one a try. I know it doesnt look like much, and cant say it lasts forever and ever, but its only like, $2 a bottle at every drug store, and also the internet. So, really, you cant beat it!

Please excuse the dirtiness of my keyboard, Ive had this computer since January, 2007. Also, before you say anything, yes I know my fingers are crooked! I cant do anything about it!

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