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When working at a bakery, on a regular basis one is forced to accept seasonal changes in color-way for which one may not be quite prepared, emotionally. Its sad, taking away the pink and purple heart-shaped pastries and little cakes, and replacing them with brightest kelly green shamrock and leprechaun sugar cookies. When it finally is March, Im sure Ill be ready for a fresh new palette, but for now, as you may be aware, Im still in the mood for pink! I need it to warm my heart in the depths of my wintry despair. You know? To provide yet another example, Im loving this almost exclusively pink, cream and black fall collection from Simone Rocha, which debuted in London just today! Its all so pretty, and so good! Or, most of it... Ive chosen to omit the fraggle-ier pieces because, even after all this time, I still dont get it. Nor do I understand the choice of footwear... a black patent clog is probably the least flattering thing I can think of, especially for spring--though technically, this is fall ready to wear. But those minor issues aside, this collection is filled with the sweetest, chicest little dresses and suits. How about that glossy, plastic-looking tortoise-shell skirt? I love it with that snowy jumper. Its clever how Ms Rocha has taken The Peplum--a shape everyone seems to like but which has started to feel a little stale--and sort of played with it: dropped to knee-level in a pleated pink dress, as an opaque layer over a sheer shift, or turned it into a flounce, most notably in the sheer white polka dot pencil skirt, below. Oh, all those polka dots! I want to talk more about polka dots but I wont right now. Anyway what I love most of all is that she got the pink just right: sort of a blush, peachy, candy shade that has, significantly, a warm base; cool pinks look terrible on me!

images via style.com

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