While Im well aware that not everyones shopping purchases are motivated by the same practical needs as mine own, and that there truly are people who spend thousands of dollars on clothing specifically intended as party wear, I nevertheless cannot wrap my head around this fall trend of scraggly disco fur. Differences in opinion notwithstanding, I find it aesthetically unappealing and moreover, downright tacky. I mean, sure its fun to dress for fun... but take a moment to consider the following looks (listed from most to least palatable, so bear with me, people) from these fall 2012 ready-to-wear collections:

or (and this is definitely the worst) moschino cheap and chic

...and tell me honestly that you think they look good. Or that you would wear any one of them. Ok so maybe theyre fun and silly or whatever, but is that really an image in which you would want to invest thousands of dollars? So Dries Van Noten isnt so bad, and sure, you can call Moschino kooky-cute if it makes you feel better, and I suppose the collection from Marc Jacobs is jaunty in its way... but would you truly wear one of those hats out on the street, in real life?  Plus, imagine trying to maintain any of that fur in a way that keeps it from looking like a sad old puppet. You simply couldnt! (because they already do...) And even if you could, its not like youd be caught dead wearing any of it next year... amirite?! or what?!

images via style.com

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