la vie comme un conte

while perusing (and I do mean perusing) the latest Hermes collection, I found myself thinking back to their ad campaign from two whole entire years ago, for 2010. Usually, I dont remember ad campaigns for too long, but for some reason this one stuck with me and I still love it! 

So fanciful. I find few things more compelling than classic fairy tales. And isnt Karlie Kloss beautiful? (True story: a friend of mine once saw her in a the stairwell of a dormitory in my hometown. Amazing, right? I know... ) Anyway, my favorite of this campaign is obviously the mermaid one--which, despite its featuring a topless karlie, I rather impractically adopted as my main outfit inspiraish for about a month after I first saw it. But moreso just the idea of it, if you know what I mean. Because Im pretty sure I always wore a shirt. And I still do. 

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