get a grip!

So, I recently cut bangs, and then almost immediately began growing them out again. TYPICAL. I dont know what it is, I used to have bangs all the time and I thought they suited me so well, but this time around something about them didnt feel right... like, they feel too fussy, or deliberate, or something. Like hair looks better if it just grows out of your head the way it comes naturally, without a lot of imposed architecture. Anyway, Im at that part where my bangs are too long just to be in my face, but too short to  sweep to the side effectively, let alone tuck behind an ear. Which means I have to pin them back every day, and I dont like that! Something about having a bunch of bobby pins in my head reminds me of being in junior high (in a bad way) and its been bumming me out. Only, then I saw the way these ladies were styled for the Cacharel fall runway show. They all look decidedly more twenties gamine than awkward fourteen year old, and it made me feel a whole lot better. Apparently, bobby pins (kirby grips?) are a big deal for hair this fall. British Vogue told me so. And that made me feel better, too. 

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