England in the Summertime

One of the things I love and will miss about the English countryside is the smell. The mild rainy summers are great for flowers, which are everywhere, and they make the air so sweet and fresh. Almost every house on our street has a beautiful garden of  roses, nasturtium, peonies, and my favorite, poppies. Its heaven fo Felix, as he loves flowers more than almost anything.  But by far the most beautiful garden Ive ever seen was down the lane from the cottage where we stayed while on holiday in the north of the Isle of Man
It had these little purple and orange and white flowers whose names I dont know (sorry), but it was mostly the most beautiful poppies, that went on and on for days. 
I never knew there were so many kinds! Purple, dusty pink, orange, red, two-tone, and even white. They were amazing! We even met a little hedgehog that lived among them, which was adorable, and rather surprising for Felix!

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