imlovinit: OXBLOOD

The name of this color suits it perfectly: dark, moody, romantic, intriguing. This  deep brownish red lends itself particularly well to leather accessories, playing the part of a neutral, but with considerably more visual interest--perfect for investment pieces--say, a several-thousand-dollar suede tote, or skull-embellished ballet flats, by Alexander McQueen, for example... or, anything you want to last you a while. A safe bet but without being boring, it pairs well with practically anything, and wont look out of place in a few years time when other colors may seem too last-season.  Who would want a black leather jacket when you could wear this one by All Saints? Same goes for the rest of these leather accessories, including the  Theres also something sort of nineties-grungy-punk about oxblood that makes me like it even more; for example, these patent leather mary-janes from topshopthese lace-up brogue boots by Marc Jacobs, or this adorable heart-shaped satchel designed by Agyness Deyn for Dr. Martins. So unique and cool but again, totally versatile and wearable. 

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