Oceanika Merfins

Look at these jerks. How much do you wish this was a thing when you were a youth? Created and sold by Professional Mermaid Mahina (yes--you can read about it here if like me you were baffled by the concept) it does seem the perfect gift for, say, my pre-tween nieces... not to mention me. Dreamy photos and mythical endorsement aside, all it really is is a set comprised of fish-scale-patterned waterproof leggings, and a double-finned flipper. But somehow, its the perfect thing! And, Im pretty sure Id wear the leggings anyway. Especially if I lived in California and was wont to visit the beach with my super cool eleven-year-old surfer friends. Oh man I really need to get Felix to california before its too late...

images via Oceanika Merfins

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