some kitchen junk I want

Im not usually one for kitschy kitchens--I prefer a classic look in most areas of my life, interiors included. So I was surprised to find my eye caught by these few items available from novelty retailer Fred & Friends, despite their somewhat goofiness. 
First is this Kitchen Kong Whisk, featuring a caged silicon gorilla that allegedly expedites the whisking process by breaking up dry batters more easily and preventing matter from getting trapped inside the whisk. Which is useful. Plus I have a feeling that when Felix is a few years older, this is just the kind of utensil hed love to use while helping me in the kitchen. 
Second is this Snack-n-Stack Cutlery Set, which Felix actually already owns, thanks to his adoring and (and quite possibly compulsive-baby-shopper) granny. Sure theyre cute, but they really are useful! They stay together, making them easy to pack, and are the perfect little size for a sweet baby mouth--and not too pointy!
Ok so those first two items were sort of cute and funny... but this cutting board is something I actually really really do want for serious. Can you imagine what perfect chopping I could do? Not to mention the dicing! What would make it truly perfect would be having this on the flip-side, for perfect pie-crust-rolling, because thats when you really need a measurement guide. 

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