im lovin it: TORTOISE SHELL

Its one of the best patterns around for accessories, eyewear, cutlery, and cats. Like a good floral print, it goes with everything (even moreso, as its neutral)--and, unlike leopard print, its pretty hard to get wrong; I think that, because it almost has to be that glossy, translucent texture, its typically restricted to hard, shiny little accessories, and therefore its difficult to over-do. I love it now, but really, I think it actually looks better on a more mature woman. I like having things like that to look forward to in my older age, sartorially speaking. For example, while I already own some tortoise shell sunnies that I wear some of the time, I plan on having a pair of glasses much like these when Im old enough to need them, that I can wear even when indoors. And, at night. And, all of the time. 

So sophisticated I shall be. But if you wear it on your face that means you dont get to look at it, which doesnt seem fair... so its also a good idea to have some Common Household Items with the same finish. For example, these serving utensils:

And this iPhone case, for when I have a phone that needs casing: 

Chase is already looking forward to us getting phones when we get back to america (I wasnt really until I realized I had the option of buying accessories for it) And who knows... maybe we shall even choose it as the finish on the baby kitten we may or may not get Felix for christmas! omg.

shoe pic via whatdoiwear

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