the platonic boot

My everyday/diaper bag, which I carry always, is brown leather--unfortunately, pretty much the same shade as many of the boots Ive seen and considered purchasing for the fall/winter. You see, if something matches too exactly, I find it not only old fashioned, but tacky (am I way off base?). On the other hand, if something is floral then, in my opinion, it goes with everything. So Ive been keeping my eye out for a pair that fit the bill. Only a lot of what Ive seen is a little too floral, by which I mean, too precious:

See what I mean? Too pastel, too shiny, and altogether too reminiscent of tea cups. Which is not the kind of floral that Im looking for. But then I found this pair of floral tapestry boots from Topshop

Arent they perfect? Floral but dark, cute but not too cute... I literally cant think of one thing with which I would not wear them. And Im not sure but Im almost positive theyre the perfect shape, what with the ankle height, almond toe, baby chunky heel, and little zippy dealie on the side. Plus, they look comfortable, no? And what a perfect texture!

Just imagine how well theyd go with a pair of floral tights a la this outfit from Hermes 2012!

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