carven fall 2012

Dont you like this fall collection from Carven? I must admit Id never really paid much attention to them before, but then I saw that strawberry-colored shiny(satin? taffeta?) peplum dress and got interested. Turns out the rest of the dresses are pretty sweet, too; the velvet ones are vaguely medieval but also sort of goth in a 90s way, which I like, and I love the printed-dress-layered-over-white-shirt look (a secret favorite  look of mine, though Im not sure its especially flattering...) which is also supes 90s. And that lacy black number? yowza. The palette is rather nice, what with all the red and blue and black and cream, but its the shapes I really like--a neat boxy top paired with a slightly full skirt is a silhouette I find particularly flattering, personally. And I love a big slouchy sweater over a skirt. Moreover, I like the look of the Carven girl this season: long wavy hair, natural faces, nonchalant, casual-like. Pretty. Attainable.  

images via style.com

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