babe alert: SUSAN CERNEK

What a beauty, no? Shes the senior online editor for Glamour magazine, and I first noticed her when I saw this picture of her wearing The Perfect Jeans Ever on streetpeeper:
Arent they the best? Id pay her a thousand dollars to tell me where she got them--but then I wouldnt have any money left for the jeans!!!! Le sigh. Its like The Gift of the Magi. Sort of. Anyway, I was reading her interview on The Coverteur and I liked how she described her style: like an 80s or 90s soccer mom from Greenwich or Bel Air... roomy button-downs, timex watches, ripped skinny jeans...” 
Its another way of describing the kind of wardrobe I, too, have been feeling of late--as discussed in a previous post which you may or may not remember. Plus she shares my love of all things nautical--truly, a girl after my own heart. And she makes a good case for tortoise-shell wayfarers. 

images via stockholmstreetstyle, & streetpeeper 

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