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Chase and I just returned from a super-relaxing overnight hotel stay, sans bebe, at a local Holiday Inn. It was very comfortable, they had a spa, and we even had a voucher for a free meal, which wed won in a raffle at the May Ball. All in all, it was delightful, and just what we needed. So refreshing! Lovely as it was, however, it cant really compare to this family-villa-cum-hotel, La Minervetta, that was featured in last Sundays stella magazine. Usually I dont pay attention to hotels, but this one is so beautiful! The airy white walls, punctuated by splashes of pseudo-primaries--red-oranges, golden yellows, ocean blues--for example, that liquid-like cerulean tiled floor in the lounge. Swoon. And of course I love the striped and checked patterns seen on walls, cushions, and in the tile work in one of the best bathrooms ever (unfortunately, not pictured here)... not to mention hotel owner Marco De Lucas beautifully colorful and ornate ceramics collection that features throughout the villa.
 And just look at this bedroom, with its wall-to-wall windows, preppy/nautical interior, and beautifully practical wide wrap-around window sills.
Can you even imagine waking up to that in the morning?Its basically exactly how Id like to decorate my own home, given the resources--amalfi coastal views and all.  Plus, wouldnt it be the perfect place for, I dont know, a honeymoon?

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