when felix met lila

So as Ive mentioned, one of the reasons we went to the Isle of Man was so that Felix could meet his cousin lila, who is a mere eight weeks his junior (here they both are with their dads, arent they sweet?). Felix was a little shy of Lila upon their very first meeting, but he quickly warmed up to her, and for the rest of the week they got on famously. It helped that theyre almost exactly the same size, and both obsessed with other babies. Isnt it sweet how little you can be and still make friends? They had an especially good time when we took them to the wildlife park, in the north of the island. They loved seeing the different animals, but had the most fun playing with eachother. 

In fact, Felix had warmed up to Lila so much by our trip to the park that he started giving her kisses which. was. adorable. Though I dont think shes had as much practice kissing as he has...

 Isnt her little ponytail the sweetest thing? It makes me wonder what Felix would look like if wed never cut his hair... though plenty of people still mistake him for a girl even with his (in my opinion) rather masculine haircut. We all had such a sweet time together, and ever since we left weve been sad that Felix and Lila live so far away from one another, because we wish they could see eachother every day! But my sister Daisy and I have decided to be more diligent about skyping one another--now that theyve met in real life, Felix wont think Lila is just a baby that lives in my laptop. I think? 

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