illustrated idioms

Its so cool to learn idiomatic expressions of other languages. Not only do they usually sound silly in translation, they can tell you about the values and lifestyles of the people that use them. Id never really heard any Arabic idioms before, but Egyptian illustrator Hussien Ouf has taken a handful and illustrated them using beautiful calligraphy.  Check them out (the last one is my favorite!) 
Every mustache has its scissors

Prefer a carat of luck, than an acre of skill

Saying I dont know is a relief to you, my soul

They told the cock to crow; he told them everything is great on its right time

Something you dont care about, let your father-in-law take charge of it. 

Good advice all around. Of course it helps that the written arabic word is so beautiful... but this would be a cool typography project in any language, I think. Which english idioms would you choose to illustrate?

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