the banality of the everyday

I came across frances starks work on pinterest and I really like it! Its so line-driven and spare. I love the colors she chooses: mainly neutrals, with the occasional pop of primary here and there. She favors collage, which is one of my favorite mediums, and I  enjoy the fact that she will use a former work as an element in another piece. For example, she uses this painting, entitled Why Should You Not Be Able to Assmemble Yourself and Write (so Virginia Woolf-y, no?): 
as part of this later, rather appropriately named piece, Consider the Following Again: Why Should You Not Be Able to Assemble Yourself and Write. 
So meta. Its all part of her focus on the nature of artistic practice and the corresponding yet integral banality of the everyday (her words, not mine). Ah, the banality of the everyday. I know just what shes talking about... Ive been planning a large portrait of some pieces of bacon for months now... 
(this one--Hoover in the Corner--is one of my faves)

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