Have you guys ever worn sweatpants? My loungewear consists mainly of leggings, which are comfier than jeans, so it never really occurred to me to go a step beyond and see how much cozier I could get. I dont own pajama pants you see, because theyre all so incredibly ugly, and I cannot stand all that extra fabric flapping around my ankles. But I got chase this pair of sweatpants for christmas, because his old ones were falling apart and I saw them and they looked cool. And then the other day, when he was at work, I borrowed them to do the laundry.  Omg they are so comfy. Like, crazy comfy. Ive never worn anything so cozy. Why didnt I just buy them for myself?! Though truth be told they are a little baggy... but its in a princess-jasmine way that Im sort of in to. The elastic cuffs make all the difference.

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