Shaka, Indeed

 On a completely unrelated note, I want to take this opportunity to recommend to you some choice television programming from years past. Im talking about Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 5. Now, please dont get the impression that because Im only just now recommending this to you, that I havent seen this season before, a million times. Because I have. But I wasnt blogging any of the other times Ive watched it, and I dont know, maybe its the reading Ive been doing lately, but I find the episode titles (and the episodes themselves, naturally) so cosmic and fanciful and inspiring--in general, I hate all those political episodes about the cardassians and diplomacy and the neutral zone... 

I can tell you right now that one of the very best episodes is Darmok, in which Picard has to interpret an alien language that operates entirely in metaphor (and frustratingly seems to be made up of only about five sentences in total). Also, The Game is creepy, sezzual, and not to be missed (this is the season in which Jonathan Frakes began directing episodes, if that means anything to you). Also of note, I believe, is the striking resemblance between Worf (my favorite character) and one Ms. Anna Wintour. 

See what I mean? That hair is like, totally Shaka When The Walls Fell, amirite?!

images via herehere & here; screenshots of netflix by me!

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