a womans work is never done

Please dont be mislead by the sexist sentiment that that title implies. What I really mean is, a Persons work is never done--or, even more accurately, a Parents. Technically, Im not strictly a housewife anymore... but that doesnt mean I dont still have plenty of work to do around here, obviously! Luckily, most chores need only be done on weekly basis: taking out the trash, cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry, you know. But without fail, I do at least three things every day: in the morning, I make my bed; and at night, I sweep the kitchen floor, and windex our big glass-top coffee table, whose perimeter at the end of the day is invariably outlined in sticky, yogurt-y finger prints, thanks to you-know-who. As a teenager, I remember being shocked to discover that most people actually dont make their beds every day (my sisters never did but my sisters are all weirdos)--just as the girl with whom I was speaking was clearly shocked to discover that I did. Am I a freak? Because that girl sure made me feel like one...

So Im curious: whats on your daily chore list? Or maybe you dont have one. In which case, good for you... but how do your kitchen floors look?

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