months of resolutions

As usual, at the beginning of  January, I got all excited about new years resolutions. Only, I couldnt stop thinking of more of them, all the time! But you cant have ten (plus) new years resolutions and hope to keep track of them. Also, some resolutions I may make at the beginning of the year, in the winterest time, may not be pertinent come July. Anyway what Im trying to say is, this year Im divying up my resolutions among all the months, to better concentrate on the ones that may mean the most to me at any given time of year. Also, Ive noticed that January is usually a wash for me, resolution wise, because pledging to do certain things, or pledging to quit others, doesnt necessarily jive with the Grunge-uary lifestyle. If you know what I mean. 

But its February now, so here we go. 

This month is all about spring cleaning for me. Now I realize that its not really springtime. Also, since we moved into an empty and relatively tidy apartment, there isnt much deep cleaning to accomplish, per se. But theres plenty to do towards settling in to our new house, and making it ever homey-er, and if youre anything like me, youre too excited about the whole process to wait for warmer weather. So this month, I plan to take you along for the crazy ride that is decorating, organizing, and cleaning our new home. I promise, it will be more interesting than it sounds. I hope? Anyway, its a short month.

Plus Ill talk about other stuff, like Valentines day, duh! 

image via here--check out that fig tree! I want one!

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