we ♥ spak bros!

It was a weird weather day today, pretty cold and windy with lots of foreboding clouds rolling around--but Ive learned that its important to get Felix outside at least once a day so that we all dont go crazy at each other. Rather than traipse all over Bloomfield, Felix and I decided to go for a short walk up the street to our favorite new mother-and-son hang out, Spak Bros. Its this totes punk little pizza place on the corner, and Ive recently realized its the best place to take beebeeboy of an afternoon if I dont want to make a big production out of things. The walk really is short (about five minutes for me, about fifteen for Felix) so we dont even need a stroller, which he pretty much refuses to ride in these days anyway...

Felix loves the decor (pictures of Spider Anne, Super Anne and some different ladies) and all of the buttons and knobs on the AC/DC and Batman pinball machines keep him entertained while I eat my delicious, cartoon pizza, $2 a slice! (you can get any topping you want for 50¢ but I ran out of quarters!) 

They also have a decent variety of small-batch sodas (the ginger beer is nice and spicy!) and local apple juice, which I let felix drink straight out of the carton, much to his delight. He barely spilled any!

The boys that work there (there were only boys there today) are nice, if sometimes a little goofy, and dont seem to mind a toddler hanging around, so I can just sit there and snack while Felix runs all around pretending to play pinball. So relaxing!

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  1. It seems great for you and felix! How old is he now?