pizzelle sandwiches!

So, since starting work at the bakery, Ive been trying to cut down on my pastry intake, for obvious reasons. I did a similar thing this time last year, when I worked at the candy store. Its rough, but Im making it through, thanks to my new confectionary love, the pizzella. I dont know if its part of living in Pittsburgh or just part of living in the Little Italy of Pittsburgh, but theyre everywhere in my life all of the sudden. If youve never had them, just imagine a light, wafery waffle cone, pre-roll and in the form of a delicate, snowflake-shaped disc, and youve got it. Theyre perfect on their own or with tea of course, but I recently discovered the best way to eat them, and the best way to cheat on my recently strict no-pastry rule at the same time. So obviously, the rule isnt that strict... 

Im talking about Pizzelle sandwiches, which is a thing I just made up (though apparently the internet already made them up). You can just use whatever you have around that sounds tasty: peanut butter, condensed milk, jelly, whatever. Today I made Nutella & Whipped Cream Cheese and they were totes da Bomb, you guys. That is to say, tasty. You should try it! The best part is that Pizzelle are only like 35 calories a piece, so all in all its still a pretty light snack, if that sort of thing matters to you. 

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  1. It sounds good. If only we were really in Florida so i could see you!