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Ivy and Me at a friends wedding, summer 2010

Once, when I got back to America after being on the Isle of Man for about half a year, my friend Ivy (whose hopefully happy birthday it is today!) gifted me a pair of shoes. She bought them at The Wardrobe, this pretty dingy but incredibly popular second-hand charity shop in Columbia, Missouri. They were worn out already but it didnt matter, because they were the perfect shoes of all time, these tan leather peep-toe flats that went with absolutely everything and whose color--which, in the summer, matched my skin almost perfectly--had a lovely leg-lengthening effect. I wore those shoes in to the ground, literally, and it was with heavy heart that I eventually discarded them, in the winter time, just before we moved to Memphis. Of course the fact that weve lived in dreary, muddy, rain-riddled countryside for the past one million years has made it easy to forget about those shoes... but the breezy, unusually warm day we had today (nearly 50℉ it was!) has got me thinking of them again. Its my belief that one perfect pair of shoes is all you need (per season, of course), and these really did go with everything; they were so chic and understated and somehow so much more sophisticated than ballet flats, which they made look incredibly childish. These were slightly pointier, you see. So far I havent found the perfect replacement, but I believe these two come pretty close:

these, from topshop,

and these, from ELF even moreso; theyre not peep-toe but they are so beautiful, and slightly pointy.

In my book, no shoe can be truly perfect if it costs more than $100 (a stipulation dictated by my pocketbook, not my heart, obviously) and these both fit the bill. I just wonder if I can do even better?

Keep your eyes peeled, guys!

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