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welp, happy valentines you guys! And happy birthday to my mother-in-law, and bon voyagie to my dear friends Ivy and Dan who are flying to China, today! My heart is with them, in a romantic way... I wish I was whisking away on an international adventure! Instead Ill be walking an already cranky Felix through the snow, to his doctors appointment (where hell be getting several shots, dont tell him!) and then sitting alone at home while Chase works overtime at Pinos. #Foodservice, amirite??

Due in no part to the Holiday (honest!)--and ironically, considering how excited Ive been about all things valentine lately--Im feeling a little grumpy, and more than a little existential today. I think its time for a change to happen, you know? Only, a change just did happen, weve moved to Pittsburgh and Ive started a new job... so what do I mean, exactly? I have no idea! But, I will tell you when I find out. Maybe its just the winter blues. Thats a thing, right? Or maybe Ive just been watching too much Felicity? That girl is heavy... But you know? Its only 8:40am so maybe things will turn around. 

Have a Lovely Lovers Day today, you guys!
I mean it!

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