valentines for him, valentines for her

seven unisexually satisfying gifts for the sweetest holiday of them all:

Eric Rohmers Six Moral Tales are on the top of my list for a reason, being that I think theyre the best gift of them all. The six short films discuss love in a subtle, very french way that is at times romantic, at times pensive, but never in the least bit cheesy. Get the set on amazon for $54.99 plus free shipping, or pick just one, for around $10 each.

This Comme Des Garcons teeshirt is like a sartorial valentine, and I love it! I cant quite figure out why it should be $150 at J.Crew... but take a look on ebay because there are cheaper alternatives, trust me. Really, anything with that little red heart on it would be the perfect thing, but you know me and stripes....

Something to make warm drinks with is a sweet and cozy gift that hopefully, they can share with you! It could be a china tea pot or a fancy french press... whatever you think theyd like the best! This pale pink eight-cup ceramic coffee press is a perfect example. 

Who could say no to a new--or upgraded--version of their very favorite moleskines? Go with black or brown (and boring) if its for someone stuffy, practical and/or unromantic... Or choose instead this lovely set of baby (ie, slim) notebooks featuring three liberty floral prints. A good way to give flowers without actually, you know, giving flowers. 

Or for another way to not give flowers, how about a plant, of course! A welcome and refreshing addition to any home, especially in the middle of this horrible winter. Ugh. Go romantic, with a heart leaf philodendron or an anthurium, for example, or choose a sezzual fig tree. Perfect either way. 

Heres a good idea for any holiday, including valentines day. Serve them breakfast, or an artisanal afternoon cheese board, or manhattans, or whatever they like, on a fancy new serving tray, which they then, obviously, get to keep! (bonus if the two of you already share a kitchen) These, by Jonna Sarrinen, come in festive color combinations that are suitably valentines-y, without being too literal... if that sort of thing bothers you...

Or for a sweet treat that requires absolutely no assembly on your part, Chocolate is the obvious answer. I recommend Goumas Confections, not just for their world-wide shipping and friendly customer service. Try their hand made sea salt caramels, chocolate pretzels, or chocolate covered strawberries... its all delicious!

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  1. Flower's? my mum got dandilions for her birthday from my friend's mum.