Speaking, as I seem to be quite often, of blue.... Freckly prepster schoolboy may not be your ideal boytype, but its sure one of mine. Unlike the rest of the world, I never saw Eddie Redmayne in Les Mis this christmas. But I did see him star as a tragically heartbreaking Angel alongside megababe Gemma Arterton several years ago in a very well-done BBC miniseries adaptation of Tes of the Durbervilles--written, if you didnt already know, by Thomas Hardy, one of my favorite authors (have you ever read Jude the Obscure? I highly recommend it)

Anyway, I believe him to be very dreamy--a sentiment evidenced by his work over at Burberry, especially alongside Cara Delevingne. But did you know about this? Before earning an Art History degree from Cambridge, he wrote his entire undergraduate dissertation on Yves Klein Blue.  

How dreamy is that??? I ask you. Alas, despite his ideal academic background, our love was truly never meant to be--firstly because, as you may know, Im already married. And secondly because I hear hes dating some bitch named Hannah, anyway. Plus he looks like he could be a real jerk, though in my mind he isnt--but I can tell you from experience, you just never know with Cambridge grads!

Its like my grandmother always said, Never Trust a Blonde Boy. It really is good advice--they always break your heart!

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