Spring-wear as Fall-wear at Karen Walker

So now that its march, in my book its spring--though obviously, it doesnt really feel like it yet. Karen Walker apparently feels the same way, but opposite; chunky knitwear notwithstanding, doesnt this fall ready-to-wear collection look more like a spring line? All the creamy nudes and pink and green? The Breezy fabrics? Not to mention the shorts... it all seems too perfect for right now to be right for the fall, and potentially symptomatic of the  anachronistic seasonal rotation in which designers live their lives.  But what do I know? Regardless, one of the things I like most about this collection is that it features the exact green that Ive been trying to get more of, in my life. I know that its the Year of Emerald, but something about a blue-ish green always seems... cheap to me, or something, when worn in real life. Thats not exactly what I mean but I cant explain it. Nor do I find cool greens particularly flattering (on me), intriguing though they may be. So to fulfill my color-centric new years resolutions, its an olive green Im searching for. Just like this one! If nothing else, I guess olive green is technically an autumnal color. Youve gotta give her that!

images via style.com

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