chanel in springtime

Watching runway slideshows of the fall collections in Feburary is exciting, but its March now, and what I care about is the springtime. My favorite way by far to view the spring collections--which, having last seen them back in September, Ive already completely forgotten--are the first fifty pages of the giant issue of Vogue that Ive been working my way through all evening. So far, my favorite campaign is Chanel. Its the perfect thing--I havent felt this way since Hermes 2010!

Ah, le sigh. If I could wear anything in the springtime it would be Chanel! This ad campaign is so good to me. The primary red and blue are speaking to my most nautical/fairy-tale heart! I imagine Stella Tenant is playing a modern/fictional Coco Chanel and those sullen punkish waifs are like her reverse Harajuku girls. The clothing is the best Chanel Ive seen in a while, or at least, its the most wearable, for me, in my imaginary life. And its like I was saying that other time, so much of Chanel recently doesnt seem chic in the way I feel like the brand is meant to be, at least historically. Karl Lagerfeld is such a party boy. But this is so how I imagine Chanel herself would want to look, were she alive today. And the younger girls can have their alice in wonderland-y punk if they want, it looks better on them anyway!  

Most of all what I like about this is the apartment! 

Its like the set of a Wes Anderson movie about Coco Chanels teen years. Or no, maybe and older Coco would be played by Angelica Hustoun! Shes perfect! Its a great idea! 

Have you guys ever read a book called Coco and Igor? Its by a friend of my mothers, if youll believe it. Chris Greenhalgh is his name. I had my first sugarless cup of tea at his house, because he didnt offer me any (rude) and I was too shy to ask for it. Anyway Im glad he didnt because I loved it and havent taken sugar in my tea ever since. This was several years ago, obviously--I was a teen! Then a few years ago they made his book into a movie, as you do. But the weird thing about that, to me, is that they decided to entitle it, Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky. Why??? Coco and Igor didnt roll off the tongue? Or worse--do they think we wont know who they mean unless we hear both of their last names? How out of touch do they think we are? Or maybe it was to distinguish it from the book, on purpose. Who even knows? Anyway I recommend the book, it really is good! The movie was too, actually; Mads Mikkelsens sweaty, bumbling Stravinsky was a little gross and completely perfect. And what a good name Mads is, too!

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