Ever since I got this guy--who is looking rather sad and dingy after weeks of living in my indigo-saturated back pocket--something about an iphone case without ears looks wrong to me. You know? I just feel like I want my phone to look like the critter-y side-kick it is in my imagination. So, while they arent quite as kawaii as the one Ive got now, Im loving these goofy, day-glow iphone cases from Marc Jacobs

Am I crazy? Are these cute? Its like I dont even know how I feel about it anymore--but I know I probably wont be spending the $48 it would take to find out in real life. Sigh. But right now, maybe because of easter, I like the katie bunny one the best!

ps: way to stay up on the times, MJ, by offering free shipping on orders over $200... I feel like, in 2013, if Asos can afford to offer free shipping both ways, maybe you could, too? (This is, of course, entirely irrelevant to me as a non-consumer)

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