Happy Easter!

Happy Easter you guys! I Hope you have the day off and are relaxing. Felix was pleased to find that 'Mistah Bunny' left him lots of special treasures, including some Thomas stickers, an elephant watering can, a sweet new pair of shades, and best of all, chocolate chip teddy biscuits! Its cool to have your own house and your own family, and decide how you want your own holidays to be like. For easter, I love the idea of focusing on bunnies, eggs, and chicks; daffodils and pastel colors; smoked salmon eggs benedict and white wine spritzers (breakfast this morning)--in short, treating it like the pagan spring celebration it is, and being glad that winter is finally on its way out. Daylight savings and the official start of the season didnt really make a difference for me (or the forecast), but now that Easters here, whatever the weather, in my heart it will be spring. What a fun holiday! The light at the end of the tunnel!

Enjoy yourselves!

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